Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Networking, Education, Research and Extension in the West Balkans

About Project

General goal of the project is to contribute through collaboration to increased knowledge and understanding within agriculture adaptation to climate change education and research.

The main project goal is to improve research, networking and knowledge transfer capacity of the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science together with a coordinated network of scientist established by the Norwegian funded and recently completed project “Education, Research and Training for Global Environmental Change and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Western Balkans.

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Latest News

Book - Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture

New Book:
Custovic, Ljusa, Sitaula:
Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture

Interviews with prof. Hamid Custovic

Workshop „Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation of Extension and Education“ was held in the Institute for science application in agriculture (IPN), Belgrade on 10th Septembre 2015.

Second Prize for Paper presentation at Alpe Adria Workshop, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 2015

Interview with prof. Hamid Custović about climate changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Interview with prof. Hamid Custović about the Floods in the Region

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Forth workshop was held in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2014

Third workshop was held in Bar, Montenegro, November 2013

Workshop Program

Second workshop was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2013

Workshop Program

Participation in the workshop held at University of Osijek, Croatia, 19-22 November 2012


First Workshop “Introduction to the project and future activities“ in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4-5. October 2012


Kick-off Meeting was held in Belgrade, Serbia, 29-30 August 2012

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